I thank the editorial board for its “jeers” to the Bangor City Council on the ridiculous motion they voted on to show disapproval of the proposed Black Bear Entertainment casino project (May 1).

The proposed taxation rates are virtually the same. Black Bear also agreed to hold off on implementing table games until Hollywood Slots could get them.

It’s obvious that, as the editorial suggested, Bangor has “theirs” and they don’t want to see an opportunity for this entertainment anywhere else in Maine.

Some time ago, the general manager of Hollywood Slots voiced his preference that Bangor would not have any competition.

Is there anyone who doesn’t think the actions of the Bangor Council are purely political pressure from the operators of Hollywood Slots?

I might suggest that Bangor knows a good thing when it sees it. Hollywood Slots has been great for the Bangor area. It has provided good jobs, huge tax benefits to the Bangor area and generated substantial cash flow on many levels to the entire area, while causing virtually no problems.

The only puzzle is why Hollywood Slots would be pressuring the city council to discourage an affirmative vote for the Oxford proposal if all the studies, even the words of Hollywood Slots, say the Oxford casino would not competitively affect the Bangor operation.

I echo the jeers.

Jim Boldebook, Alfred

Partner, Black Bear Entertainment