AUBURN — Women Unlimited has arranged a one-day “Exploration in Welding” workshop on Saturday, May 15, at the New England School of Metalwork facility, 7 Albiston Way. In the workshop open to women, minorities and disadvantaged workers, those who demonstrate their potential skills for becoming professional welders will then be eligible for a one-month training program in June at the New England School of Metalwork.

The workshop will provide a simple way to take a look at what is required to learn professional welding skills.

The workshop is free to members of Women Unlimited’s JobBank, though class size may be limited. Those interested may contact Women Unlimited at 623-7576 or 800-281-5259.

To become a member of JobBank, an individual needs to fill out the JobBank application, which they can receive in the mail by calling the office or by downloading from the website,