PARIS — A 50-year-old man was sentenced to jail time and a fine Tuesday after deciding to enter a guilty plea rather than go to trial on assault charges.

Glenn Gloden, whose last listed address is 40 Long View Acres in Paris, pleaded guilty in Oxford County Superior Court to a charge of aggravated assault. Justice Robert Clifford accepted a plea agreement that dismissed another count of aggravated assault as well as one count of criminal mischief.

Gloden will serve 90 days of an 18-month sentence and two years of probation. He must also pay the victim $50, have no contact with her, and pay $1,132.50 to the state’s victim compensation fund.

According to a report by officer Bill Grover of the Paris Police Department, Gloden’s 58-year-old girlfriend accused him of breaking the window of her car and punching her in the face several times last June. The woman said she was delivering a check and mail to Gloden at the residence of his ex-wife and son on Highland Drive. She said she also gave him a letter telling him not to return to a Norway residence they sometimes shared, and that Gloden asked for more money than she had.

Gloden’s son told police that Gloden was intoxicated, and that he saw him break the car window. Grover said the woman suffered serious facial injuries, including a cut requiring 20 stitches.

Both aggravated assault charges refer to the same incident. Gloden pleaded to one charging assault against a family or household member. The court dismissed one saying the assault occurred “under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.”

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