Voters disgree on approving school budget

Several who turned out Tuesday to decide Lewiston and Auburn’s school budget referendums said they felt a duty to vote.

They were in the minority. Only 2.1 percent of Lewiston’s registered voters cast ballots; 1.8 percent in Auburn.

Despite the low turnout, residents decided to continue the referendum for three years. Several said they like being able to vote on school spending.

“We need some checks and balances,” said Lil Barnett of Auburn.

“I like to see where the money’s going,” agreed Dan Winn, standing near an Auburn Hall poster displaying how the money will be spent.

“It puts a little bit more pressure on them not to spend so wildly,” said Fred Bonney of Auburn.

Others disagreed, calling the referendum a waste of money. “I think it’s silly we have to come out for a special election. It’s not worth the cost,” said Rose Pruiksma of Lewiston.