In her column May 8, Connie Schultz defended what she called undocumented immigrants. The adjective is a euphemism for illegals — law breakers. One could gather that the state of Arizona is somehow not dealing appropriately with the Mexican invasion.

When she cited the speech given by John Lewis at Kent State University on the 40th anniversary of the Kent State riots, she made a mistake in the view of those of us who remember what actually took place there.

Lewis was advocating nonviolent dissent. But what took place at Kent State was not nonviolent. The liberal national media would have people forget that an ROTC building had been torched the day before the students were shot. The liberal national media would have people overlook the fact that a state governor does not call out the National Guard for peaceful, nonviolent dissent.

Students on the Kent State campus would have been well-advised to take their toothbrushes and go home after the ROTC vandalism. The students who got shot should not have been anywhere near the riotous demonstrators who were advancing menacingly against armed National Guardsmen.

Rocks were thrown. There were shouts emanating from that unruly crowd, “Kill, kill!” The demonstrators had been ordered to disperse. They refused. Common sense was cast aside because there were professional Marxist agitators among them (non-students) hoping for violence. They got it.

Kent State was definitely not an example of nonviolent dissent, in spite of the cover-up by the national media.

Harvey Lord, South Paris