After 33 years in a school system, a person deserves more respect than to read in the newspaper that her position has been eliminated. An article in the Sun Journal (May 11) states a business position would be eliminated at Jay High School. As the only person in that department, I assume it must be me.

Recently, class schedules came out for the next school year and the courses I teach are being offered. It appears that the person is being cut, not the program.

Elimination of elective areas leaves very few options for students at Jay High School.

The school committee voted to allow the superintendent to retire and collect retirement while continuing to work receiving full salary. Was this “deal” made to teachers? According to the school committee, allowing the superintendent to retire would save a large amount of money. Teachers given this opportunity would save additional money.

Before further cuts, options that do not directly affect students should be explored.

At Jay School Committee meetings, people would be surprised how little discussion is going on. It appears that decisions are made prior to the actual meeting. Otherwise, how could a member of the board make an informed decision on what is best for the students if they don’t ask questions?

After 33 dedicated years, receiving excellent teacher evaluations, it would be nice to be treated with dignity and respect.

Linda Davis, Fayette

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