AUBURN — Sheriff Guy P. Desjardins attended a monthly meeting of the Auburn Senior Citizens on May 5 and gave a presentation on “Elder Abuse in Maine.” Approximately 100 guests were present. Desjardins was appointed by Gov. John Baldacci in 2007 to the Maine Death Analysis Review Team, which studies and reviews statewide cases of suspected elder abuse causing serious injury or death to senior citizens.

His presentation covered topics such as the importance of acknowledging that elder abuse exists in Maine and is considered a serious crime. More than 14,000 suspected cases of various categories are reported in Maine each year and it is believed that for every case that is reported, there are five cases that go unreported.

Desjardins will make another presentation at 2 p.m. Friday, May 28, to the residents of Schooner Estates.

Any group or organization that wishes to sponsor a similar program may contact Desjardins at 784-7361, ext. 230. There is no cost for the program, but the sponsoring group must provide adequate meeting location.

To report abuse, neglect or exploitation of an adult, contact the Department of Health and Human Services, Elder Services, toll free at 1-800-624-8404.