I took my children to Montello Elementary School on May 19 for what should have been a fun time at the book fair and ice cream social. It was, however, not a good time. There were throngs of unsupervised children there. Kids were pushing, shoving and being generally very rude. Their parents were not there to redirect them and the staff presence was very small.

I saw unsupervised children taking books and electronics from the library without paying for them. The kids opened packages, threw items on the floor and pocketed many trinkets for sale.

Why was that allowed?

The librarian was all alone in the library. She had to sell the book fair items and try to watch the 50 kids rummaging around the items for sale. During the 10 minutes we were in the library, I saw her stop three children from stealing. I fear many more got by.

I am paying customer and concerned parent. I will not be attending another Montello School book fair. There needs to be someone at the entrance to the library who does not let kids into the book fair unless they are with an adult.

I was very shocked at the lack of values I witnessed and the lack of common sense by the school.

Aimee Maheux, Lewiston