I urge Brenda Theriault (May 19) and others who have said they will be voting “yes” on Question 1 (to repeal tax reform) to use the informational calculator available at www.maine.gov/REVENUE/incomeestate/taxreformindividual.htm before reaching any conclusions as to how the reform measure will affect different income groups, particularly the lower income groups.

I have used the calculator for my personal income level (retired but certainly not rich, with higher than usual itemized deductions) and for others as well, including lower income levels. The reduction in income taxes will more than offset the additional sales tax we may be paying on some services.

I agree with the No Higher Taxes for Maine PAC when they state that income taxes will decrease for 95 percent of Mainers, and provide an overall tax cut (net of all taxes) for nearly 90 percent of Maine taxpayers.

Mainers with earned income who currently don’t earn enough to pay any income tax will be getting a refund that is larger by as much as $195 than the refund they got under the old law. That pays a lot of sales tax on services. And some services, most notably child-care services, are not taxed.

I will be voting “no” on Question 1, tax repeal.

Tony Culpovich, Lewiston

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