I moved to northern New England full-time in 1999 and now have deep concerns about my beloved New England.

My Dutch family came to the shores of what is now called New York in 1658 on a ship named “Faith.” The family settled in a town called Sleepy Hollow. During the next 150 years, they moved to Maine and Vermont and on to Michigan, and fought in the Revolution, the Civil War and both world wars. They stuck by their values. Then they moved to the southern states and lived beside families who were anti-federalist Democrats.

Moving back to New England, it seemed as if the northern states had turned against the values they fought for because in 1976 New England voted for a southern Democrat for president, Jimmy Carter.

Mainers have elected two Republicans to the U.S. Senate, but turn around and elect a Democratic governor for the past eight years.

It’s almost as if Maine and Vermont regiments at the battle of Gettysburg had thrown up the white flag and joined forces with the confederate forces of Gen. Robert E. Lee; or as if Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins changed to the Democratic Party.

New Englanders should support their values and bring back the old New England. They should vote for Republicans.

Leo Turner, Roxbury