CANTON — Warren Sessions of the Oxford County Recycling Center told selectmen Thursday night that he has not been able to collect recyclables for weeks because his only truck is broken and he can’t find one to rent.

Selectman Donny Hutchins said the timing is unfortunate because since Jim Dyment had taken over the waste station, people have been recycling more. Also, the town had a four-day cleanup recently which overloaded the recycling containers.

Sessions explained that one truck is used to pick up recyclable in 17 towns. When it broke down, part had to be gotten from California. He said he understood their frustration and had tried to rent a truck, but none were available.

Town Administrator Kathy Hutchins asked if it would be possible for Sessions to pick up every week until the backlog had been addressed. Sessions said he would try to do that.

Hutchins also said that since people were recycling, the tipping fees had dropped $200.

Scott Kilbreth, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, said he will be meeting with the Department of Environmental Protection on Tuesday to discuss rocks that were placed in the stream during the repair of the temporary dam on Whitney Brook.

In other news, it was voted to send Victorian Villa Rehabilitation and Living Center a bill for $2,041.77 to cover the cost of rebuilding two sewer pumps. Materials being flushed at the nursing home are the cause of the damage, it was said.

It was voted to allow ball teams to practice at the Strout property field. Selectman Shane Gallant said there are five teams and only one ball field. The field is town property and about 100 yards from the ball field on Route 140.

Gallant, who also serves at fire chief, left the meeting when he got a call that former Selectman Chris Wainwright was on his way to town after returning from duty in Afghanistan. A  fire engine was to escort Wainwright, a lieutenant with the Oxford County Sheriff’s Department, into town.

Kathy Hutchins reported that the Canton Team for Relay for Life had raised $10,000 of the total of $57,000 and the county group won the Traveling Trophy again this year.

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