PARIS — Selectmen unanimously agreed to approve a request by the X-Tra Mile ATV Club to use Elm Hill Road to expand their trail system.

In a proposal to the town, a club official said the club maintains 18 miles of trails and connected its trails to a trail maintained by an Oxford club last year. The connection was made at the East Oxford Road. The X-Tra Mile ATV Club sought to use a portion of Elm Hill Road to connect with the trail system of a newly formed club in West Paris.

Under state law, ATVs may only operate on public ways in certain cases. One statute allows the use of a public way by ATVs on the extreme right of the road if the municipal officers have designated it an ATV-access route and ensured that the use will be done safely and not interfere with traffic.

Town Manager Philip Tarr said Chief David Verrier of the Paris Police Department and Frank Danforth, foreman of the Highway Department, gave their approval to the request. The club has promised to post signs on the route, including a speed limit of 10 miles per hour.

“With this connection to West Paris, we will be able to access many more miles of trail, further promoting legal and responsible trail riding for all,” according to the club’s statement.

The X-Tra Mile ATV Club was formed in 2005. Its website states it has 46 members and four business members.

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