My gripe is the Auburn city manager’s plan to discuss a private citizen’s holiday decor. It’s on private property. The idea of creating restrictions likens our town to a police state. Shouldn’t he be managing IMPORTANT things? This is clearly only the business of the Loggins family and their neighbors, let alone the infringement on freedom of religion.

— Anonymous

I am very upset with my hairdresser who constantly keeps up conversations during my haircut. All I want is my hair cut and to get out.

— Anonymous

Yard sale time is here and so is false advertising. People say they’re having a “huge” sale or multifamily sale. I have more in my closet than their items combined. And, why are people so lazy that they don’t price or clean items and expect people to dig in boxes? Sorry, people, you can’t get what you paid for the items.

— Looking for a “real deal”

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