On June 23, I watched the Auburn City Council meeting.

I felt proud of the council. It seemed as though their speech was honest; some taking chances with what they had to say, knowing they might be picked up on it, but because their interest was for each of us living in this town they shared heartfelt thoughts to sort out the problem of traffic during the Vista Drive light show.

I have more respect for the city councilors and their work than I had before, but I also have more confidence in their capability to come up with an answer favorable to all of us.

I like the old adage I picked up over my 76 years of living, that we can agree to disagree but still come up with answers favorable and not ridiculed by all.

It does take more than one item to bake a cake so it comes out delicious, doesn’t it?

I thank the two families for the enjoyment I’ve had with my family as I ride along to enjoy the Christmas spirit shown by these wonderful people.

I also thank the people who live on that road who are concerned about voicing their thoughts. We all need to be concerned about safety and taking this seriously can only help if all are involved.

Every one who spoke on this had a piece of it right. Christmas and what it stands for is a large piece of peace making.

Jeannette Libby, Auburn

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