One of the more common traits of elite players — of any sport, at any level — is a desire to improve.

No surprise, then, that Ayla Allen is quick to find fault with her lacrosse game.

“There’s definitely plenty I can work on,” Allen said. “I’ve still got time to work on it, but I have plenty. Like moving to the right.”

Sounds simple enough — unless you’re a lefty.

“We do need to work on developing her right hand a bit more,” Mountain Valley coach Rick White said. “It’s scary to think how many more goals she might have had if she could go that way more often, and learn to shoot consistently with that hand.”

Scary may be an understatement. The Falcons’ sniper is only a sophomore. She racked up 78 goals this season in 12 games.

“She had a couple of games where you could tell she was frustrated, against good defensive teams,” White said, “but even then, she was scoring. She’s a naturally gifted athlete. When she gets to the critical scoring areas, she just knows how to finish it off, even outside the 8- or 12-yard mark.”

Allen’s 78 goals have helped her shatter the school’s scoring records. They were more than 60 percent of the Falcons’ total output this season, and most of the time came even as the opposition knew who she was and tried to stop her.

“I’d line up, even before a game, and I’d hear girls from the other team say my name, they knew who I was, and that just added more motivation,” Allen said.

Allen is also driven by strong bloodlines in lacrosse. Both of her older sisters played in college. One continues to coach at the University of Maine at Farmington, while the other plays. Allen’s goals are similar.

“I have to believe in myself, that I can get there,” Allen said. “With as much as I’ve done, as hard as I’ve worked, I almost feel like it’s something I have to do, to play in college.”

For her incredible scoring prowess, and he ability to lead her team on the field, Ayla Allen is the 2010 Sun Journal Girls’ Lacrosse Player of the Year.

All players listed alphabetically by position

A – Ayla Allen, Mtn. Valley*

A – Ebony Mills, Oxford Hills

A – Kirby Rodrigue, Lewiston

A – Saydi Voisine, Edward Little

M – Tori Couture, Edward Little

M – Marisa Hanning, Oxford Hills

M – Heather Knights, Oxford Hills

M – Kristen Lacasse, Lewiston

M – Lauren Lessard, Lewiston

M – Kirsten McCombs, Lewiston

M – Kate Sawyer, Edward Little

M – Tia White, Mtn. Valley

D – Jess Campbell, Edward Little

D – Jillian Jacobs, Oxford Hills

D – Hannah Warren, Oxford Hills

G – Mariah Kimball, Oxford Hills

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