NORWAY — The Norway Memorial Library has added the following children’s books to its collection.

Juvenile easy

Banks, Kate, “Monkeys and the Universe”; Cammuso, Frank, “Otto’s Orange Day”; Egan, Tim, “Dodsworth in London”; Spiegelman, Nadja, “Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework”; Spires, Ashley, “Binky the Space Cat”; Willems, Mo, “Elephants Cannot Dance,” “Pigs Make Me Sneeze.”


Avi, “Poppy and Ereth”; Boyce, Frank Cottrell, “Cosmic”; Carroll, Lewis, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”; Colfer, Eoin, “Artemis Fowl: the Graphic Novel”; Coombs, Kate, “The Runaway Dragon”; Cushman, Karen, “Alchemy and Meggy Swann”; D’Lacey, Chris, “Gruffen”; Daly, Niki, “Bettina Valentino and the Picasso Club”; Davies, Valentine, “Miracle on 34th Street”; Dowell, Frances O’Roark, “Falling”; French, S. Terrell, “Operation Redwood.”

Also, Gaiman, Neil, “Odd and the Frost Giants”; George, Jean Craighead, “The Cats of Roxville Station”; Giff, Patricia Reilly, “Wild Girl”; Hale, Shannon, “Calamity Jack,” “Rapunzel’s Revenge”; Harper, Charise Mericle, “Fashion Kitty,” “Fashion Kitty and the Unlikely Hero,” “Fashion Kitty Versus the Fashion Queen,” “Just Grace and the Snack Attack.”

Also, Holm, Jennifer, “Beach Babe,” “Burns Rubber,” “Camp,” “Dragonslayer,” “Heartbreaker,” “The Musical,” “Monster Mash,” “Our Hero,” “Puppy Love,” “Queen of the World,” “Skater Girl”; Horvath, Polly, “Northward to the Moon”; Hunter, Erin, “Fading Echoes,” “The Fourth Apprentice”; Jones, Marcia Thornton, “Ratfink.”

Also, Kent, Trilby, “Medina Hill”; Korman, Gordon, “Zoobreak”; Look, Lenore, “Alvin Ho: Allergic to Camping, Hiking and Other Natural Disasters”; Lowry, Lois, “The Birthday Ball”; Marsden, Carolyn, “Take Me With You”; Martin, Ann M., “Everything for a Dog”; Morse, Scott, “Magic Pickle,” “Magic Pickle and the Creature from the Black Legume,” “Magic Pickle and the Garden of Evil,” “Magic Pickle and the Planet of the Grapes,” “Magic Pickle vs. the Egg Poacher.”

Also, Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds, “Faith, Hope and Ivy June”; Paterson, Katherine, “The Day of the Pelican”; Paulsen, Gary, “Notes From the Dog”; Phelan, Matt, “The Storm in the Barn”; O’Connor, Barbara, “The Small Adventures of Popeye and Elvis”; Resau, Laura, “Star in the Forest”; Roberts, Ken, “Thumb and the Bad Guys”; Schlitz, Laura Amy, “The Night Fairy”; Shiga, Jason, “Meanwhile.”

Also, Smith, Jeff, “Crown of Horns,” “The Dragonslayer,” “Eyes of the Storm,” “Ghost Circles,” “The Great Cow Race,” “Old Man’s Cave,” “Out from Boneville,” “Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border,” “Treasure Hunters”; Steinberg, D. J., “Sound Off”; Tolan, Stephanie S., “Wishworks, Inc.”; Umansky, Kaye, “Clover Twig and the Magical Cottage”; Wood, Maryrose, “The Mysterious Howling”; Yee, Lisa, “Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally)”; Yolen, Jane, “Dragon’s Heart.”

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