I found the letter to the editor from George Jones to be very timely (July 24). He mentioned how angry he was with Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins.

I had come home after listening to a radio show on which the host talked about how upset he was with Snowe and Collins, who had both indicated how disturbed they were with the decision by the Democrats to give up on legislation that would, in the radio host’s words, increase electric bills, increase fuel oil bills and increase the price of gasoline. All of that, apparently, to encourage the development of wind power.

The cost of wind power, if and when developed, is estimated by some to be 300 to 400 percent higher than oil.

Are the two senators thinking that to “sell” wind power to their constituents, they need to make us believe that gas, oil and electricity are almost as expensive as wind power?

Imagine two Republicans being upset with Democrats for not being liberal enough.

Finally, a comment about Obamanomics. A recent column by Vahan Janjician of “Forbes” commented that, in 2009, the president’s proposed budget predicted that stimulus spending would help cap the unemployment rate at 8.1 percent that year and that the rate would decline to 7.9 percent in 2010. It’s now 9.5 percent.

I admit that some new jobs were created. The federal government now employs 3.2 million Americans — 16 percent more than it did before the recession began.

What a guy.

Marcel R. Morin, Auburn

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