It was another busy week for holes-in-one in the region, with five additional aces reported to the Sun Journal community sports desk.

Linda Bartlett, a member of Hebron Pines RV & Golf, notched her first hole-in-one on Friday the 13th. Bartlett was using a 7-iron with a Nike Mojo ball on the 115-yard seventh hole. Bartlett’s husband Gary witnessed the feat along with Bruce Cox and Don Copp.

Steve Sirois aced the par-3 No. 15 at Turner Highlands Country Club during a Maine State Golf Association tournament. It was the first career hole-in-one for Sirois. Playing partners were Ed Juhl, Mike Dumais and Dave Collinsworth.

Also, in a unique accomplishment, three members of Oakdale Country Club in Mexico registered a hole-in-one on the same day. Keith Brennick and Jeff Mayo achieved the highlight on their home course, while Mike Mickeriz sank his ace at Wilson Lake.


MEXICO – Men’s Night, August 11: Two total points of four, Carroll Noyes/Basil Patterson/Jeff Mayo/Mike Kersey +13, Ray Bedard/Jon Thurston/Marshall Todd/Dave Prevost +7, Gary Marston/Chuck Welch/George Virgin/Jim Perry +7. High plus, Mike Kersey +9.

Men’s Night, August 13: One best ball per 3s, Amdy Labrecque/Don Hebert/Carroll Noyes/Jim Testa 61, George Virgin/Basil Patterson/Mike Woods/Frank Diconzo 61. Low net, Basil Patterson.

Prospect Hill

AUBURN – Pat’s Pizza League: Match results, Titleists d. Fore Play 41-20, Eagles d. Designated Drivers 44-25, Long Woods d. Callaways 40-28. Team standings, Long Woods 179, Titleists 176, Eagles 173, Fore Play 172, Callaways 172, Designated Drivers 144. Low net, Roy Goslant 17.6. Pin, No. 4, second shot, Paula Woodard 7-6. 50/50, John Levesque. Pat’s Pizza certificate, Greg Billings. Birdie club, Chuck Drinkwater (No. 2), Rob Robbins Jr. (4), Paula Woodard (4), Jim Cesare (4), Bill Nolin (9).

Gritty’s League: Team standings for the week, Six 18.5, Seven 16, Eight 16, Five 14, Four 13.5, Three 13, One 11.5, Two 11.5. Team standings for the year, Seven 173.5, Three 168.5, Eight 162.5, One 162, Five 161.5, Six 157, Two 156, Four 155. Low gross, Matt Ouellette 37. Low net, Mike Dumais 23.6. Low gross by flight, A, Matt Ouellette 37; B, Mike Boone 38; C, Gerry Chouinard 45; D, Norm Cusson 48. Low net by flight, A, Chuck Drinkwater 26.8; B, Mike Dumais 23.6; C, Tom Malia 30.7; D, Peg Bauer 30.9. Pins, A, Jake Brown 8-6; B, Kevin Moore 10-0; C, Fred Leadbetter 0-0; D, Norm Cusson 22-9. Guess your score winners, A, Matt Ouellette; B, Paula Giguere; C, Gerry Chouinard, Janet Viere; D, Norm Cusson, Peg Bauer. 50/50, Mike Dumais. Gritty’s gift certificate, Tom Malia.

Fox Ridge

AUBURN – Curt Layton League: Team standings, Drewal/Cook 225, Boulet/Landry 221, Havey/Wearing 215.5, Peters/Holt 214, Morrill/Roy 210, Nadeau/Baizley 209.5, Robbins/Halchuck 207.5, Clark/Davis 204, Cates/Wanser 200.5, Brousseau/Morin 198.5, Johnson/Jordan 195.5, Buchanan/Rossignol 191.5, Labadie/Sias 188, Pontbriand/Woodbury 187.5, Blair/Warren 184.5, Bolduc/True 181.5. Pins, No. 13, Jim Morin 5-6; No. 16, Ryan Cook 30-8.

Nine-hole par-3 tournament: Christopher Bouley/Jason Goulet/Andrew Slattery +2, Buck Buchanan/Crystal Buchanan/Mary Ann Wearing/Lydia Havey +7, Kelly Cates/Phil Morin/Joyce Michaud/Ed Michaud +7, Mike Brown/Mike Lally/Gary Harlow/Mike Brown Jr. +9, Ray Vachon/Katy Vachon/Peg Bauer/Bill Bauer +19.

Tuesday Night Ladies: Game of the week, pick your score, Kathy Emmi. Team standings, Sanborn/Roy 74, Emmi/Michaud 73, Varney/Baker 69.5.


POLAND – Two-ball, 6-6-6 format: Net, Larry Thistle/Ralph Barkhouse 62, Hal Tranter/Don Wilson 62, Billy Pepin/Bob Grenier 64.

Thursday Ladies: Game of the day winners, B, Dottie Cooper; C, Noella Rocheleau; D, Betty Johnson. Low gross, B, Mickey Bolduc; C, Lynn Polley; D, Irene Mathieu. Pin, No. 8, Betty Johnson. 50/50, Rita Cloutier.


LEEDS – Quality Glass League: Team standings, Larry Hewett/Gerry Rioux 261.5, Dave & Jim Timberlake 258, Ray Doherty/Roland Morel 248, Steve Timberlake/Ray Morin 240.5, Paul Gagne/Brian Whitley 239, Mark & Moe Bissonnette 237, Mark & Jeff St. Hilaire 235.5, Rene Parker/Ray Masse 234, Adam & Marc Rodrigue 232, Jeff Wigton/George Wigton/Ken M/Ed R 228.5, Rick Leeman/Tim Perkins 222, Mark Martin/Ryan Lagasse/George 221.5, Dale Kreitzer/Peter Beach/Ron B 210, Harry Simones/Dave Arnold 209.5, Todd Hartford/Jared Duguay 203, Larry Baril/Ross Leavitt 122.5. Pin, Marc Rodrigue. High team of the week, Dave & Jim Timberlake 17.

Maple Lane

LIVERMORE – Area Golf Travel League: Team winners, Terri White/Dave Pierce. Pin, Dennis Fetterhoff.

Poland Spring

POLAND – Area Golf Travel League: 1. Bob Heikkinen/Dennis Fetterhoff, 2. (tie) Terri White/Bob Brundage, Mike Fogg/Ken Thomas. Pins, Bob Heikkinen, Rod Heikkinen. High plus, John Chouinard, Percy Doucette.

Ladies: A, Gross, Carol Hall 88; Net, Karen Bazinet 71. B, Gross, Pierrette MacGregor 92; Net, Jackie Legere 67. C, Gross, Jan Scott 114; Net, Kathy Bartley 75.

Pine Acres

AUBURN – Ladies League: Week 10 standings, Lowell/Coombs 282, Parker/Bolduc 264, Blanchette/Moreau 258. Game of the day, Pin, No. 4, Phoebe Lowell 5-2, Jackie Deschene 10-8, J. Davis 19-9.

Apple Valley

LEWISTON – Women’s League: Game of the week, even holes, Doris Martin 22, Carol Thibeault 23, Jill Longstaff 23. Gross, Mary Hall 52, Barbara Pohle 53; Net, Diane Caron 33, Elaine Dube 34, Diane Thibault 34. 50/50, Mary Hall.

Turner Highlands

TURNER – MSGA: Flight I, Gross, Jeff Wass 69, Ricky Jones 70, Jay Plourd 72, Ryan Wingard 72, Chris Seavey 73, Jim McKay 73, Marc Siewertsen 73; Net, Harry Haylock 67, Jeff Chapman 67, Charlie Witonis 68, Paul Soracco 68, Russ Sweet 68, II, Gross, John Driscoll 78, Rick Simonds 78, Mike Ryan 80, Jim Macklin 81, Ron Reynolds 81; Net, Ray Ross 67, Roland Jacques 67, Arnie Benner 68, Lou Lepage 68, Thad Millett 68. III, Gross, Mike Grace 82, Tom Reardon 85, Peter Allen 86, Terry Caswell 87, Jon Fillmore 88; Net, Mike Dumais 65, Tom Cloutier 67, Bob Lamoureux 69, Clarence Brawn 69, Paul Pinette 69. Super Seniors, Gross, Norm Russell 79, Tom Hughes 80, Norm Charleston 80; Net, Ted Gardner 70, Ron Kendall 70, Charlie Swett 70. Team, Gross, Chris Seavey/Jeff Wass/Jon Hardy/Ricky Jones 62, Chris King/Jay Plourd/Jim McKay/Marc Siewertsen 64, Harry Haylock/Josh Jones/Mike Olberding/Paul Soracco 64; Net, Barry Bernard/Charlie Witonis/Dan Charron/Steve Fleck 54, David Collinsworth/Ed Juhl/Mike Dumais/Steve Sirois 56, Arnie Benner/Bill Cloutier/Fletcher Lindsay/Tony Bernardini 57, Bob Inda/Clarence Brawn/Jeff Chapman/Ron Reynolds 57, Andy Cloutier/Mike White/Tom Cloutier 57, Jim Macklin/Jim Semple/Rick Zemla/Russ Sweet 57. Friday skins, Gross, Rick Simonds (2, 6), Scott Jones (5), Dave Bilodeau (8), Terry Caswell (9), Richard Hachey (17); Net, Wally Martin (1), John Driscoll (7), Wayne Newbegin (15). Saturday skins, Gross, Seth Fournier (7), Gordon Ross (8), Steve Sirois (15); Net, Harry Haylock (18). Friday pins, No. 4, Mike Ryan 4-0; No. 8, Cy Thompson 18-0; No. 10, Ron Gobeil 4-2; No. 15, Jeff Corson 2-8; No. 18, Butch Kennedy 13-7. Saturday pins, No. 4, Thad Millett 2-11; No. 8, Rick Dyer 8-1; No. 10, Darian Keaton 2-9; No. 15, Steve Sirois ace; No. 18, Jay Plourd 8-8.

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