Board: Turner Selectmen

Met: Monday night

Get the mowers running

Issue: It’s time for roadside mowing again.

The scoop: Selectmen approved a bid from A Hood & Son for up to $6,500 for the project. The company has done the job before.

Up next: Turner has 70 miles of roads. Fifty of them will get sides mowed, likely starting next week.

Tidswell culverts

Issue: With Public Works busy with other projects, the town thought it might be able to save money by putting the Tidswell Road culvert work out to bid.

The scoop: The town got two bids: One from TW Varney for $7,000 and from TRH & Sons for $7,500. Town Manager Eva Leavitt said selectmen ultimately decided to have Public Works do the job. Outsourcing wasn’t going to save money.

Up next: Leavitt said the project involves two culverts that go all the way across the road. That stretch will need to be closed for at least a day and a warning will be posted in advance. The pavement’s sinking in spots. Larger culverts are being installed.

One Chevy, retired

Issue: The town has several smaller vehicles, some of which may have outlived their usefulness.

The scoop: Selectmen reviewed a list and picked out a 1993 Chevrolet van that could hit the road. Leavitt said it was originally donated to the fire department to bring small gear to fire scenes. It then moved on to Public Works, which doesn’t use it anymore.

Up next: The van will be auctioned off.

Staff writer Kathryn Skelton can be reached at 689-2844 or [email protected]

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