This is in response to the letter by Poland Spring’s natural resources manager Tom Brennan (Aug. 11). I am again dismayed at the continual “commitment to responsible water stewardship” drum beat from the Nestle public relations department.

How can we allow a multinational corporation to make millions from mining our water, transporting it around the world, and then say it is a good neighbor committed to preserving the environment?

What a joke.

I wish everyone could see the result of Nestle’s “good neighbor policy” here in Fryeburg. The water-filled 18-wheelers roll down Main Street every 10 minutes, day and night, all year long.

I want to see stronger groundwater protection for the rights of thousands of Mainers whose jobs, livelihoods and health depend on this water for drinking, farming, manufacturing and recreation.

We need to take control of our water resources and no longer allow a multinational corporation to dictate where our state’s fresh water goes.

Virginia Howe, Fryeburg

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