I write in response to your recent letter to the editor titled “No pot in Poland” (Aug. 14). I am president of a nonprofit corporation called Safe Harbor Maine that is seeking a license from the state to grow medical marijuana for eligible patients.  My board of directors is made up of our neighbors in Poland. I am the former chairman of the Board of Selectmen in Poland, who fought for the truth and financial transparency and was honored this year by the American Red Cross, as “Good Samaritan of the Year.”

Maine citizens voted 69.8 percent in favor of creating a self-funding program in Maine to provide medical marijuana to eligible patients.  Yes, your tax dollars do pay for law enforcement, as they do for every other law-abiding citizen and legal business in Poland. When issuing a license for a medical marijuana dispensary, the state requires a high level of security for dispensaries.  No marijuana will be dispensed in Poland, only grown here.

There is no medicine out there that performs like marijuana. It eases chronic pain, helps chemotherapy patients nourish themselves, reduces seizures in epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, benefits Crohn’s disease, hepatitis C, AIDS, HIV, glaucoma, nail-patella syndrome and cancer sufferers.

God’s gift of marijuana has been used as medicine for thousands of years.

The fight for our suffering citizens, whose lives are slowly destroyed by their illness and pharmaceutical medicines, is too important for me to give up.

Glenn Peterson, Poland
President, Safe Harbor Maine

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