Eliot Cutler’s comments in the Associated Press story published in the Sun Journal on Aug. 16 need to be addressed in an intelligent fashion.

His rhetoric is inflammatory and designed to appeal to people’s anger over the current economic climate by blaming Maine’s public servants both Democrat and Republican.

Most legislators I know of both parties make incredible financial sacrifices to serve and win their elections by knocking on the doors of their constituents personally. When they get to Augusta they work hard to create consensus out of debate and become seasoned and thoughtful officials as they develop their professional portfolios and answer to the people every two years in an election.

Campaigning and legislating are incredibly grueling tasks that are extremely underpaid and, for most of our elected officials, it is a labor of love. Mr. Cutler is intelligent enough to know this and his arrogant grandstanding is laughable.

He paid $70,986 this year in property taxes for his mansion on the coast of Maine. It’s greedy rich people like that who are to blame for our current economic situation, not the bread and butter legislators of Maine.

Ronald Flanery, Farmington

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