AUBURN — The Edward Little High School Class of 1985 will have its 25th high school reunion at 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 16, at Spring Meadows Golf Club in Gray.

Class members are invited to attend the gathering to reminisce with high school friends over food, cocktails and a live band. Invitations will be mailed within the next two weeks. The reunion committee has worked diligently to locate members of the graduating class, but still have a substantial number of classmates with missing information.

They include: Lisa L. Adams, Steven J. Alexander, Richard J. Arsenault, Brian J. Audet, Lori Ayer, Michael J. Ballard, Ralph Barkhouse, Robin A. Bellanceau, Eric S. Bennett, Robert T. Bernier, Michelle L. Berube, Deborah L. Blake, Annette J. Blouin, Annette J. Bradford, Gregg A. Bradford, Nora L. Breault, Andreas P. Brevern, Donna M. Brooks, Andy D. Brousseau, Carol Ann Buckingham, Matthew J. Burdette, Gerald W. Burke, Nancy M. Carrier, Laura L. Chabot.

Also, Rhodia Christodoulidou, Dale S. Cloutier, Marianne Cooper, Patricia L. Cote, Paul M. Cote, Carrie L. Coulombe, Suzanne W. Covert, Morgan D. Crooker, William J. Crosbie III, Donald T. Crowell, William T. Cunneen, Gregory A. Cyr, Michael A. Darling, Karenann J. Dean, Deana L. DeRocco, Shawn M. Donald, Monique M. Drapeau, Daniel A. Dufresne, Norma J. Dumont, Tammy L. Dunn, Scott L. Eells, Heather M. Foster, Jean-Claude C. Fournier.

Also, David R. Gagne, Marc A. Gagnon, Gordon E. Grant Jr., Brian M. Grenier, Patty Guimond, Juanita L. Gutshall, Stacey L. Gutshall, Jean M. Hall, Coleen M. Hamel, Sherry A. Hamm, Brenda L. Henderson, Carol Hesketh, Ricky S. Huard, John W. Hunt III, Zoe L. Jackson, Sandra P. Johnson, Tammy L. Johnson, Peter V. Keene, Daniel R. King, James J. Lamare, Doris L. Lamontagne, David M. Landry, Angelica L. Lane.

Also, Kim Lapointe, Scott G. Latulippe, Wendy E. Leavitt, Steve D. LeBlanc, Rhonda L. LeClair, Chris R. Leclerc, Renald Lefebvre, Tammy M. Leonard, Sheri L. Leonas, Scott A. Lewis, Craig C. Lindsay, Kathleen E. Loonie, Andrew H. Lowe, Peter J. Lugner, Cynthia A. MacDonald, David D. Marsh, Trisha L. Marston, Donna M. Martin, Christopher K. McNally, Ronald G. Michaud, Thomas R. Michaud.

Also, Trudy L. Millett, Kristen J. Minnich, Maureen A. Moore, Angela D. Moreno, Christopher J. Morgan, Deanne M. Muich, Kimberly M. Mullen, Linda T. Nadeau, Timothy A.Nadeau, Todd P. Nadeau, Lisa. L. Nelson, Hein Huu Nguyen, Ralph E. Noel III, Scott W. O’Brien, Peter R. O’Leary, Perry G. O’Neil, Kenneth R. Ouellette, Timothy C. Ouellette, Harold E. Paine, Deana Palazolo, Salvatore Palazolo, Jeffrey A. Pardy, Scott Pare, Philip E. Pelletier, Rachel A. Pelletier, Sue Pelletier, Arline R. Pepin, Eric N. Peppe, Kathleen S. Perkins, Paula M. Perocchi.

Also, Lee A. Pippin, Kevin D. Pittman, Chris Plourde, Christopher D. Quimby, Tane M. Quimby, Michelle D. Remillard, Clay E. Ridley, Donna Rivard, Robert J. Rivard, Thomas M. Roberts, Carmen M. Rowe, Tammy L. Rowe, Shawn Denise Royal, Johnny O. Russell, Dennis P. Sampson, Karen L. Savage, Marcel M. Seeley, Celina J. Sennett, Brigitta Severin.

Also, Patrick N. Simpson, Johnny R. Smith, Karen J. Smith, Julie A. St. Amand, Scott R. St. Amand, Jeanne L. Stevens, Philip J. Stevens, Barbara A. Stimson, Kristina Svensson, Daryl L. Tempesta, Christine M. Thiebault, Christopher R. Thurlow II, Paul A. Tierney, Donna L. Tozier, Sheila A. Trask, Karen L. Turner, David R. Vaillancourt, Jeffrey F. Walker, Kim Walsh, Peggy J. Willette, Melissa D. Williamson.

Anyone with information on the classmates or those who would like to update their own information may contact Robyn Day Grandahl at [email protected] or 240-7230 or contact Lin Slivinski Snowe at [email protected] or 404-276-0047.

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