I am incensed at the thought of the Clean Elections Act being questioned in recent weeks. This act is a matter of Maine pride, especially since so many states do not enforce clean elections.

Independents, Greens, Republicans and Democrats should all be equally incensed at the recent actions by non-Maine groups to attempt to crush our Maine laws.

For more than a decade, Maine has led our nation with rules that equalize how campaigns are run, how campaign money is spent and how candidates run their elections. “Clean Election candidate” has been a welcome phrase during elections.

Will Maine people accept the recent arguments that corporations deserve First Amendment rights? Please. Rights are for people, not for corporations.

As voters, we deserve the respect and the right to make our decisions based on real arguments, not on who spent the most for an ad, or what company supported a candidate.

I value my right to vote. Corporations, advertisers and big business don’t have that right and I, for one, do not intend to let them have that voice.

Lisa Ward, Lisbon Falls

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