When is someone in this state going to figure out that the people running Augusta don’t have a clue?

They keep charging more taxes on cigarettes every time they find out they spent too much (again) on something, so they say we’ll tax the poor again. Duh! A fifth-grader could figure that out and not tax just the cigarettes. Even the people who don’t smoke say that’s unfair.

How about taxing booze or toilet paper or something they like? Maybe we shouldn’t have so many people on the turnpike making $80,000 a year; that’s four times the amount my wife and myself make and we don’t qualify for any help from the state.

Guess what? Our governor can’t figure out why our young people leave this state. What a joke.

What’s in Maine for the young to keep them here, except taxes?

I moved back here 20 years ago because of family, and I’ve hated every day I’ve been here. I left a plant as head of quality control, head of the department, making $25 an hour, with every benefit you can think of.

When I got here, there were only three places that even knew what that position was and they paid $9. I’m glad I’m close to the final days, but I can’t save enough for taxes when I go.

Lucky I’m an ex-serviceman.

Freeman Lewis, South Paris

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