Any Mexican connection in Mexico, Maine?

Sunday’s story about the annual law enforcement summer harvest of weed in western Maine — including Mexico, Maine — prompted e-mail contact from a Wall Street Journal editor/reporter asking if there are any Mexicans there.

Possibly, but only a few, a clerk in the Mexico town office said on Tuesday morning.

Wall Street Journal writer Joel Millman also asked if there was a Mexican connection with the pot harvests in Mexico, Maine, or if it was just coincidence that the town shared the country’s name.

Last year, Millman wrote about Mexican migrants growing pot on Native American reservations in the U.S. for gangs based in the country of Mexico.

Gerry Baril of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency in Lewiston said Tuesday afternoon that there are definitely not any Mexican gangs growing weed in large marijuana plantations in the forests of Mexico, Maine, like they’ve done in Alabama, California, Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

“We have not seen that phenomenon here in Mexico, Maine,” he said.

According to a 1968 history of the town, it was named in memory of Mexicans who fought the Spaniards and won their freedom in 1815 in the country of Mexico.

As for Sunday’s story, it got more than 9,000 hits in two days on the Sun Journal website. Of which, 33 site visits came from people in 11 cities in the country of Mexico. Faraway places like Nuevo Laredo, Leon, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Cancun and more, according to Sun Journal and Google analytics.

So, no on the Mexican weed connection, but it sure would be wonderful, in my opinion — having grown up in Arizona — to have a genuine Mexican restaurant here. The town name just begs for one. — Terry Karkos

TPSM reminder: Buy low, stock up

One of the better Tough People Smart Money tips from readers last year was to stock up at the end of the season when items are marked down or go on clearance.

Now’s a good time to stock up on school supplies, even if you don’t have a young one returning to school, but may have grandchildren. At Walmart there are prices that make the dollar stores look expensive, including: Crayola crayons for 20 cents; Elmer’s Glue for 25 cents; a composition notebook for 25 cents; kids scissors for 74 cents; college ruled, one-subject notebook for $1; box of 10 Crayola markers, $1. Staples and other stores also have school supplies marked low.

And now’s the time to stock up on summer merchandise for next year; beach towels, tanks and T-shirts are on clearance, as are other summer wear. Of course, before you shop take inventory of what you already have; the best saving is to reuse. — Bonnie Washuk

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