Last month, they took King Kong out in a sidecar and made his dream come true.

Damien and Jamie Dufour gave a ride in their Harley to Bill “King Kong” Feeley in Ellsworth through the Maine Health Care Association’s Live Your Dreams Program. It’s aimed at long-term care residents. Feeley hadn’t ridden in years and itched to do it again.

The Dufours say they were happy to oblige.

Names: Damien, 32, and Jamie, 26

Hometown: Turner

How long have you guys been riding?

DD: I first started riding in my father’s sidecar when I was 4 years old and bought my first bike when I was 21.

JD: I bought my first bike at 20, but sold it when we found out we were expecting.

What do you ride? We currently and always will own a Harley Davidson!

Who normally sits in the sidecar? Our newly turned 4-year-old son, Caden.

How’d you connect with the Live Your Dreams Program?

JD: My mother was contacted through a neighbor who knew we rode motorcycles and thought we would be interested in the program.

Describe that day up in Ellsworth.

JD: We (along with a large group of friends) rode up through Route 1 to Ellsworth from Lewiston. We stopped for lunch at Duffy’s restaurant and then proceeded to the Courtland Living Facility, where we were greeted with lemonade from an ecstatic staff and a very excited Bill! We brought Bill a few shirts donated by L-A Harley Davidson, which got him talking about his tattoos and motorcycles of his past. Before long Bill was mechanically lifted by the staff into our sidecar. After many pictures and a few tears we “hit the pavement” for a short ride and a stop for ice cream at Jordan’s. Bill’s “bum” hurt, so we headed back, but we ended Bill’s dream day with a kiss from the ladies (Anne and Penny) . . . a day he will truly never forget!

The ladies?

JD: Anne St. Laurent Footer is a long-time family friend. She and Penny Dion have hearts of gold and both helped rally together a big group to make Bill’s day extra special. The smooches were a perfect end to the trip! We would like to mention that none of this would have been such a success without the help of our family members and close friends.

Why go out of your way to do something like that?

DD: Motorcycling and charitable events always seem to go hand and hand to me. At a young age we (myself and siblings) would watch our father participate in numerous charity rides, his favorite being “Toys For Tots,” where our father, “Monk,” would be Santa and dress us as elves with a sidecar full of toys. We feel fortunate to be a part of Maine’s motorcycling community, who we feel are some of the most giving people in the world. We often take for granted the little things in life we enjoy doing, and if giving somebody a ride on a motorcycle helps fulfill a dream, it is the least we can do.

What’s your favorite season to ride? Our favorite season to ride is on warm fall evenings. Sweatshirt weather! Since we have our son, Caden, we normally limit our rides to day trips and make them family events. Our normal night includes getting home from work and going for a quick ride for dinner or an ice cream. We do participate in yearly bike rallies (Colebrook, Laconia, Lobster Runs and Camp Sunshine, etc.).

DD: Our rides are usually either in Maine or New Hampshire due to the freedom of not having to wear a helmet. I am a firm believer in “let those who ride decide.”

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