As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, my first thought is that it should be a sacred day, with no events scheduled. Then reality strikes me and I know that we all need to move on — keep living, keep loving.

Ground zero — should there be a mosque, as some call it, or a cultural center, as others have called it?

Whatever people choose to call it, I ask, why not? The Muslim religion did not cause that horrible tragedy. It was people, and as people go, those men were radicals who were soulless and rotten to the core. I don’t care who their God was. When you start grouping and judging people as a certain religion, color, sexual orientation, etc., you are ignorant of the soul of the person.

What should count is whether your soul will lead you to hijack an airliner and fly it into a skyscraper, or will your soul lead you to be more tolerant and accepting — with your hand held out in welcome?

Deb Heroux, Lewiston

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