JAY — The bulletin boards sport new, colorful displays, and classrooms are clean and ready for the new school year Wednesday in the Jay School Department.

A preschool workshop held for teachers on Monday created a “very positive beginning,” Superintendent Robert E. Wall said.

Some graduates of the Jay school system returned to share their experiences, he said. They related their feelings on how the system provided the education they needed to move on and their appreciation of the teachers.

“The teachers served them well as educators and also mentors,” Wall said the graduates’ PowerPoint presentation showed.

One theme that will be explored this year is looking at preserving a small-school atmosphere while taking a look at maximizing resources, he said.

The school system is negotiating the consolidation plan with RSU 36. The staff and community members serving on committees and subcommittees have worked to serve both school systems, he said.

There’s a lot of advantages anticipated, especially if the towns vote to close two schools and put all high school and middle school students at one campus. That can be translated into services for students, he said.

Jay School Department will continue monitoring class sizes and actual services provided, but it looks like this year will be positive, he said.

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