JAY — Selectmen voted Monday to change to single-sort recycling so materials will not need to be separated.

The move is expected to save the town more than $100,000 a year from its $1.14 million transfer station budget, Selectman Tim DeMillo said. More items, including plastics numbered one through seven, would be recycled. That should reduce the cost of getting rid of solid waste, he said.

“Nothing is going to change overnight,” DeMillo said.

The change won’t happen for six to eight months to let the town order a truck that handles both recyclables and trash pickup, he said.

The town’s current recycling truck needs to be replaced and selectmen previously directed a committee to study the best way to save money.

The board also voted to authorize that committee, which includes the town manager, two selectmen and town employees, to find the town a truck that has compartments and compactors in it to pick up both trash and recyclables. The truck will be used to continue curbside pickup.


The decision came after discussion with residents who are also business owners that either own their own Dumpster or lease one from the town. A six-year-old packer truck used to collect garbage is equipped to pick up those containers and empty the contents into the truck to be brought to the town’s transfer station.

Business owners wanted to know what would happen to their trash, if the packer truck was traded. It is the only one equipped to deal with the Dumpsters.

If the town traded in the packer truck it would get $25,000 for it, select board Chairman Steve McCourt said. It cost about $90,000 new.

But then without that truck those with Dumpsters would have to consider hiring an outside company to empty those bins.

There are about 45 to 50 Dumpsters that the town handles, transfer station supervisor Todd Hiscock said.

Resident and business owner Phil Maurais said he doesn’t have a problem paying a fee for the Dumpsters to be emptied, but the town needs to work with businesses.


Jay, as far as town officials know, is the only town in the state to pick up Dumpsters, Town Manager Ruth Cushman said.

Resident Hyla Friedman asked if the town could work something out to remain business friendly.

McCourt said he has been wondering if it would be best to keep the packer truck. Resident businessman Bob DiPompo agreed. He didn’t mind going to the transfer station for small items but he needs to get rid of the cardboard.

If the town charges businesses $50 a month to empty Dumpsters then they could save that money to help offset repairs and buying new trucks, Maurais said.

Selectmen and committee members agreed to try and work something out to handle Dumpsters that would be beneficial to both the town and businesses.

Under the single-sort method, the seven member staff would be reduced by one and that person has the option to go another department.

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