DIXFIELD — Ludden Memorial Library has listed new arrivals in October.


“The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun,” Tolkien; “Don’t Blink,” Patterson; “Legacy,” Steel; “Love Finds You in Lahaina, Hawaii,” Thoene; “The Reversal,” Connelly; “Her Daughter’s Dream,” Rivers; “Sweet Wind, Wild Wind,” Lowell; “Gauntlgrym,” Salvatore; “Vermilion Drift,” Krueger; “The Spider’s Web,” Coel; “The Violin of Auschwitz,” Anglada; “Dark Peril,” Feehan; “Night Embrace,” Kenyon; “Mini Shopaholic,” Kinsella; “Witchcraft,” Krentz.

Also, “Worth Dying For,” Child; “Tough Customer,” Brown; “A Chesapeake Shores Christmas,” Woods; “The Thorn,” Lewis; “To The End of the Land,” Grossman; “Promise Me,” Evans; “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven,” Malarkey; “Murder, She Wrote: The Queen’s Jewels,” Bain; “Call Me Mrs. Miracle,” Macomber; “Side Jobs,” Butcher; “The Confession,” Grisham; “Three Bedrooms, Two Baths, One Very Dead Corpse,” James; “Chasing the Night,” Johansen.


“Obama’s War,” Woodward; “Genealogy On Line, 9th ed.,” Crowe; “Cleo,” Brown; “The Sonorman’s War,” Jones; “The Great Red Sox Spring Training Tour of 1911,” Nowlin; “New Orleans 2011”; “The South’s Last Boys in Gray, Vol. 3,” Hoar; “The Panic of 1907,” Bruner; “The Best American Poetry 2010.”

Large print fiction

“The Overton Window,” Beck; “The Scent of Rain and Lightning,” Pickard; “Welcome to Harmony,” Thomas; “Shadow Zone,” Johansen; “State Fair,” Fowler; “Burning Lamp,” Quick; “Fly Away Home,” Weiner; “Gunman’s Rendezvous,” Brand; “Portobello,” Rendell.


“Undone,” Slaughter; “The Darkest Lie,” Showalter; “Torn Apart,” Sala; “Storm in Paradise Valley,” West; “Gun Country,” Cotton; “The Long Quiche Goodbye,” Aames; “Running Scared,” Jackson; “Swept Aside,” Sala; “1022 Evergreen Place,” Macomber; “Chains of Fire,” Dodd; “Slaughter of Eagles,” Johnstone.

Also, “Home at Rose Cottage,” Woods; “Ghost Moon,” Graham; “Daughter of Darkness,” Andrews; “Border Snakes,” Brandvold; “Cross Roads,” Michaels; “Wizard Squared,” Mills; “Reckless,” Stuart; “Ruthless,” Stuart; “Breathless,” Stuart; “Texas,” Ross; “Rusted Tin,” Galloway; “Strong Heart,” Bendell; “Dark Slayer,” Feehan.

Juvenile fiction

“Mocking Jay, Collins; “Catching Fire,” Collins; “The Hunger Games,” Collins; “The Halloween Kid,” Montijo; “Halloween Good Night,” Cushman; “Alpha Oops! H is for Halloween,” Kontis; “Ranger’s Apprentice: Halt’s Peril,” Flanagan; “Ship Breaker,” Bacigalupi; “Shadows of the Redwood,” Summers; “How Rocket Learned to Read,” Hills; “Olivia Goes to Venice,” Falconer; “Blast From the Past,” Cabot; “When Robots Attack!,” Santos; “The Lost Hero,” Riordan.

Also, “The Search for Wondla,” Diterlizzi; “Ollie’s Halloween,” Dunrea; “Scaredy Cat, Splat,” Scotton; “Snowflake,” Weyn; “Guardian of the Dead,” Healy; “Waiting to Score,” MacLeod; “Sally Goes to the Vet,” Huneck; “Gossie and Gertie,” Dunrea; “Curious George and the Firefighters,” Rey; “Stepping Up,” Fink; “Smash That Trash!,” Sander; “Scooby, Don’t!,” Marsoli; “The Trucker,” Samuels; “Fancy Nancy, My Family History,” O’Connor.

Juvenile paperbacks

“iBoy,” Brooks; “Dramarama,” Mason.

Juvenile nonfiction

“Clothing in the Middle Ages,” Elliott; “Insect Detective,” Voake; “Creative Kitchen Crafts,” Ross; “Halloween Hunt,” Schuette; “The Wright Brothers for Kids,” Carson; “Codes and Cheats”; “Guinness World Records 2011”; “Justin Bieber,” Tracy; “Great Vampire Legends,” Marx; “How Did I Get Here?,” Hawk; “Curtain Up!,” McLean.

Audio CDs

“Death’s Excellent Vacation”; “1022 Evergreen Place,” Macomber; “Star Island,” Hiaasen; “Safe Haven,” Sparks; “Exclusive,” Michaels; “The Stainless Steel Rat,” Harrison; “The Stainless Steel Rat Returns,” Harrison; “The Violin of Auschwitz,” Anglada; “Water for Elephants,” Gruen; “A Quick Guide to the Mayflower”; “Sins of Omission,” Macomber; “Cold Harbor,” Higgins; “Hollywood Moon,” Wambaugh; “A River Runs Through It,” MacLean.


“Thomas’ Halloween Adventures”; “Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed”; “Crazy Hair Day”; “Letters to Juliet”; “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”; “Remember Me”; “The Last Song”; “Tinker Bell”; “Sweet November”; “The Karate Kid”; “Robin Hood”; “A Pup Named Scooby-Doo”; “How To Train A Dragon”; “A Prophet.”