The people of Lewiston have an excellent candidate in Michael Marcotte for the Androscoggin County Charter Commission. I have known him for nearly 20 years and in that time he has been involved in community government at various levels.

Most recently, he has served a three-year term on the county budget committee and has been selected for another three-year term. He has represented Lewiston on the Lewiston Finance Committee and as an associate on the Lewiston Planning Board for the past two years.

I truly believe that his experience in municipal and county government uniquely qualifies him to represent Lewiston in the development of Androscoggin County’s Charter.

I hope others will join me in supporting Michael Marcotte for Lewiston’s voice on the County Charter Commission.

Randall Greenwood, Wales

Editor’s note: Randall Greenwood is chairman of the Androscoggin County Commission, representing District 1.