FARMINGTON — Two drivers, two cows and nine pigs escaped injury when a vehicle ran into the back of an animal trailer Friday morning on the Farmington Falls Road.

Annie Agnew, 19, of Guilford was driving her 1998 Subaru east at about 9:45 a.m. and was behind the animal trailer being hauled by a truck. Her car hit the trailer when it stopped for a vehicle turning in to the veterinary clinic, Farmington Police officer Ted Neil said.

Michael Cote, 36, of Farmington was pulling the trailer with his 2006 Dodge pickup. Two cows were in the front of the trailer and nine pigs were in the back. Cote checked the animals and they were all OK, Neil said.

There was no damage to the truck, but Neil estimated about $500 damage to the trailer and Agnew’s vehicle was totaled with damages estimated at $4,000. Her car was towed by Dutch Gap Auto.

Farmington Fire and Rescue helped at the scene.

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