I can’t decide what was my favorite part of Sunday night’s beatdown of the Minnesota Vikings.

Was it the goal-line stand?

Was it Tom Brady’s magnificent five-second audition for Dancing with the Stars before finding an alert Brandon Tate (great move breaking down the field, rather than back towards the QB, as receivers are always taught. Gotta love those instincts)?

Was it Brad Childress’ wacky first half challenges?

Was it Devin McCourty’s clutch interception (we finally have a cornerback)?

Was it Danny Woodhead’s even more clutch third-down conversion the final drive (we have a Kevin Faulk replacement)?

Was it Troy Aikman talking about Tom Brady pitching a tent?

Was it the moment I realized the Patriots are alone in first place in the AFC East (and pending the outcome of the Steelers/Saints game as I write this, could have the best record in football)?

Was it when I saw the Raiders, holders of the Pats’ second first-round pick in 2011, shut out the Seahawks to improve to 4-4, and I still didn’t care?

Was it Alge Crumpler looking like Leon Gray with his run blocking?

Was it Jermaine Cunningham, Brandon Spikes, Jerod Mayo, Brandon Deadrick and the rest of the young nucleus on defense continuing to grow before our very eyes?

Was it BenJarvus Green-Ellis outrushing Adrian Peterson?

Was it Rob Ninkovich’s textbook tackle to stop a Viking receiver, I believe it was Shiancoe, to stop him just short of a big first down?

Was it Zoltan Mesko’s booming punts in the first half?

Was it Deion Branch looking like he had Dedric Ward, Larry Centers and J.J. Stokes on his back when he tried sprinting down the sideline after one catch?

Nope, definitely not that.

Was it the throwback unis?

Was it Randy Moss’ post-game press conference (a must-see)?

No, great as all those things were, they just don’t feel like the moment. But I just can’t put my finger on what it was.

Oh well.  As we close this blog, our thoughts go out to Brett Favre.