On my way to an appointment in town recently, I found it was very difficult to find adequate side street parking due to snow and ice build-up.

I realize that the city of Lewiston is in great financial need and has had to cut back on services, so I have a proposal for a cost-saving solution to the snow and ice problem.

All the good taxpayers have contributed their hard-earned dollars to house, feed, render medical aid and other amenities to those who have been incarcerated. Why not let those who are serving in the local jails work for the services the taxpayers have provided? Shovels and pick axes are inexpensive, reusable and “green.”

Putting inmates to work at removing the snow and ice build-up would provide the clean-up needed and result in less crowded jails, exercise for the inmates and retribution for their crimes. The cost savings for using muscle power versus fuel power, substantial.

Seems to me to be an affordable solution to the city of Lewiston’s service cutbacks and a great use of a “renewable resource” that is prepaid.

How about it?

Ronald Miller, Greene

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