AUBURN — A Lewiston man is expected to go to trial Wednesday on charges stemming from a raid on his home by drug agents who believed he was cooking methamphetamine there.

James Ludlow, 35, of 8 Omer St. was indicted on charges of unlawful possession of scheduled drugs and unlawful trafficking of scheduled drugs, both felonies.

Police swarmed his apartment nearly a year ago clad in chemical-resistant suits and breathing through respirators. Police said they found pseudophedrine tablets, coffee filters that contained suspected methamphetamine residue, solvents and plastic bags containing small quantities of the suspected drugs at Ludlow’s apartment.

His trial is expected to take several days in Androscoggin County Superior Court.

Also charged in connection with the raid was Ludlow’s girlfriend, Pamela Connor, 27, of Lewiston. She pleaded guilty last year to a charge of attempted trafficking. Her case was to be shelved for two years during which she was to have stayed out of trouble and abide by strict conditions, including 60 hours of public service, substance abuse counseling and random searches. She also was ordered to stay away from Ludlow.

But prosecutors filed a motion in November to rescind her deferred disposition, saying she had violated its conditions by living in Libson with Ludlow.

A third defendant connected to Ludlow and Connor is Eric Merrill, 30, of 1510 Minot Ave., Auburn, who pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful possession and trafficking in scheduled drugs. His sentencing will be addressed once Merrill completes his time in drug court. While involved in that program, Merrill is prohibited from going into bars or having contact with anyone using liquor or drugs.

Police said in court papers that during their investigation into Ludlow’s case they learned Merrill had been buying pseudoephedrine in similar quantities as Ludow from local stores. They raided Merrill’s home soon after the raid on Ludlow’s apartment. Connor was Merrill’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of Merrill’s children. Investigators said she also was buying from local stores pseudoephedrine, the over-the-counter drug used in making methamphetamine.

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