Wow, what a year we are having at Saint Dominic Academy! After Bishop Malone announced early last year that we would be combining our efforts to better serve the families in our area, many hours of planning, hard work and input from our families have provided us with a new school and a new resolve to give our children everything they need to succeed in life. Many people ask me what I like most about working at Saint Dominic Academy. My response is always the same: it’s the people. Whether I’m working with the teachers, the students, or the parents, I am continually in awe at how they are all willing to work tirelessly to make our school a great place to learn.

At Saint Dominic Academy, we have a high-power, dedicated and selfless faculty and staff. When you send your child to our school, you know they are being cared for and tended to in every facet of their growth. The discussions that I hear on a daily basis between students and their teachers are filled with questions and answers that amaze me. Not only are our teachers working tirelessly to bring out the best of our students, the ability to accent God working throughout their world and in their lives gives them hope and leads them to understand the incomprehensible. In short, our teachers and staff care. They care to keep current in their own studies, they care to plan lessons that challenge our children, and they care to strengthen their own faith lives so that they remain focused on the greater story of why we are here.

Our students, the very reason we exist as a school, are the greatest. From the youngest pre-school student at our elementary campus to our oldest senior at the high school campus, we are amazed every day with their zest for learning, their sense of wonder, and their willingness to be led to self-discovery. In short, our students get it. They get why they are in school, they get why they need to be in charge of their own learning, and they get why they need to behave so that they can learn every day.

Finally, we have parents who are true partners in education and faith formation. Our parents know that communication is the only way we are able to give our children the best. The parent-school trust is sacred and our parents give of themselves in many, many ways throughout the school year. I am continually taken aback by our parents. They generously offer their time, their talents, and their treasures so that our school can be an effective voice for our time.

And so, it is the people that I invite you to come in and see while they work (and play) together day in and day out at our school. It is the people who make our days both productive and joyful. It is the people who combine love and learning to make this a fulfilling place to be. I ask you to consider visiting us during our Open House during Catholic Schools Week or simply dropping by when you get the chance. At the very least, you’ll be able to meet the people I love to work with every day!

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