Being a college student at Central Maine Community College, a recent debate occurred in one of my classes. I was asked, “Is Maine a good place for college students (or really anybody) to find a career?”

At first, I thought the answer was yes, of course; that was how I was brought up, living only in Maine my entire life — not really knowing what else is out there.

After listening to statistics that show that Maine has the lowest number of graduates in their 20s who stay and look for careers, I quickly changed my mind. Many are forced to find jobs elsewhere that will pay more then $10 per hour to pay off the growing debt from school. Even with a college degree, the work force is very competitive; most companies want their workers to have previous work experience, which is hard to find from individuals fresh out of college.

Maine does not offer very many careers, mostly because it primarily consists of small businesses, ultimately causing the more educated to go elsewhere.

Some may argue there are career opportunities here in Maine. I agree — to a certain extent. Some people work hard their entire lives, and finally work up to becoming an owner, landing a lifelong career, as my father has.

Realistically, unless you consider fast-food restaurants, lumber yards or telemarketing sales “careers,” Maine really isn’t the place for college graduates to find a career anymore.

Heather Kullson, Lewiston

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