Why should a bride seek an inclusive wedding package?

Every bride dreams of her perfect day long before it arrives, but those dreams can turn into a financial nightmare when all the hidden fees get added.  “Costs can quickly skyrocket,” said Melissa Brady, wedding coordinator at the Harraseeket Inn in Freeport, Maine.  “The fee for the ballroom or reception space at some properties can run anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000.  With the cost of food and beverage ranging anywhere from $50 to $150 per person, paying a room fee seems unnecessary.  Add in the flowers for your tables and you could be talking another $1,000 easily. Then, there are chair rental charges, linen charges, and rental fees for the silver and glassware. Some venues even charge $3 per person for cutting the cake and coffee service.” 

Brady advises couples to bring a list of questions when they shop for the perfect place to host their wedding reception.  Better yet, she said, they should shop for an all inclusive wedding package to avoid all those hidden costs. According to Brady, the package price might seem high at first glance, but it will end up being a tremendous value when adding in all the unforeseen costs. She also said the couple should choose a property with a reputation for excellent food and service, preferably one that allows them to design their own unique menu as part of the inclusive package price.

“It’s their special day and the bride and groom should be the writer of that day with the wedding coordinator directing the show” said Brady.

Having the coordinator on site for the duration of the wedding will allow the couple and their families to come and enjoy themselves, without worrying about all the small details that go into the execution of a wedding. They should also be able to choose to have two courses or 10, lobster and filet mignon, whatever they want in terms of food, however they want it, and the price shouldn’t change one bit.

The meal is one of the most important highlights of the wedding reception.  Long after the wedding is over, the guests will still be talking about the food. An inclusive wedding package offers the peace of mind that the costs will not change as the planning progresses.

For more information about inclusive packages, contact Melissa Brady at the Harraseeket Inn, 207-865-9377.

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