During these hard times, I cannot believe that a Maine state representative would actually propose that the whoopie pie become the state dessert. That is one of the most ridiculous ideas I have ever heard coming from the State House. So absurd.

If I had a conversation with Gov. Paul LePage, I would point out that the proposal is idiotic and a waste of taxpayers’ money. How much time will be charged Maine taxpayers for discussion of the matter?

More important issues should take priority. A more stimulating goal would be to get people back to work and rescue the economy from the sand pit.

People vote for representatives who will support a vision of making a better living for everyone. Why not focus efforts on matters that are important?

Passing the whoopie pie bill is not important. That type of bill/proposal/law is not what most people expect. It is not an intellectual idea, nor is it a diplomatic solution to what we all face today. The proposal is a joke — something a first-grader might talk about for a laugh from his peers.

Legislators must face reality. There are many issues to tend to, and whoopie pie is not one of them.

What a shame our tax dollars are used to pay the salaries of those who come up with such silly ideas. Is that all our elected officials can come up with?

Something more constructive should come out of the State House than dealing with whoopie pies.

Michael St. Amour, Lewiston

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