Gov. Paul LePage’s “regulatory reform” proposals to peel back environmental safeguards and develop the Maine woods with condos prove that he doesn’t understand why people and businesses from elsewhere move to Maine.

To most of America, Maine isn’t just a name on the map. It’s a brand that stands for rugged quality, natural beauty and “The way life should be.” Those are some of the state’s most marketable attributes, and are a reason for businesses and tourists alike to locate here.

Dismantling Maine’s environmental safeguards and opening up its great woods to condo development won’t attract businesses because the people who run those businesses won’t want to live in an environment of toxic chemicals and suburban sprawl.

Make Maine a good place to live and the businesses will follow. This “regulatory reform” is bad for Mainers, bad for business, and bad for our state’s valuable brand.

Genevieve Lysen, Lewiston

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