RUMFORD — A request for potential locations to site a new local veterans’ clinic has resulted in several submissions.

The exact number and where those might be located were not revealed by the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Togus spokesman, Jim Doherty.

The department is looking for a new site to replace the one on Franklin Street. Medical services will continue to be provided there to area veterans until a new clinic opens.

Doherty said a team will evaluate the submissions, then visit the sites. Those that meet the criteria will then be offered a chance to submit a bid. If all goes well, he said a new site may be selected by June.

The Veterans Administration began a market survey of potential sites in Rumford in early December, following a tentative plan to move into a section of the River Valley Crossing Shopping Center west of the village on Route 2 that fell through.

At that time, Doherty offered no details on why the contract was withdrawn.

The local VA has been looking for an alternative site to the Franklin Street clinic for a couple of years. That site is too small, provides too little parking, and is on an upper floor.

A new site should be on one floor, be handicapped accessible, include about 8,000 square feet of space and provide a minimum of 40 parking spaces.

The VA wants to lease an appropriate site for five years with an option for five additional years.

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