Maine author J.C. Soucier has written a revision to her book about the love between a Catholic priest and a young woman that was challenged by one of the world’s most powerful institutions.

The true story, originally called “Perfect: a love story,” has been retitled “Imperfect Love” and is now available on Amazon Kindle.

In the memoir, Father Matthew, a Catholic priest serving in a Lewiston parish meets Judy, a 26-year-old divorcee living in Brunswick and teaching in Lewiston. Their elusive-turned-enticing connection begins testing the strength of Matthew’s vow of celibacy, which gradually weakens.

They live a perfect double life for several years. But rituals of the Catholic Church, such as the directive that priests not marry, pose challenges and ultimately influence the triumphs and tragedies, dramas and disappointments, and passion and pain experienced by the couple.

Eventually, their relationship is exposed. Hypocrisy and deceit are then used by the church as it strategizes and manipulates its attempts to break the human spirit of a woman.

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