LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen requested Monday that a meeting be set up between them and the Planning Board, Town Manager Kristal Flagg said Tuesday.

Only one of six Planning Board members showed up for a meeting on Thursday to discuss a proposed ordinance to protect the Moose Hill Pond watershed, Flagg said.

The meeting, which drew several people to discuss the matter, needs to be rescheduled, she said. The ordinance needs to go through several steps before it can make it to the warrant for the annual town meeting.

Selectmen requested that Flagg present the Planning Board with a letter that includes the board’s duties.

There is also a training session that could be set up to help members understand what they are supposed to do, Flagg said.

Three of the Planning Board members who didn’t make the meeting have said they had other commitments or were engrossed in other matters.

Flagg said she has spoken to Planning Board member Mellette Pepin, the only one to show up at the Thursday meeting, and asked to help arrange a meeting.

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