JAY — Jay Middle School has announced the second-quarter honor roll:

Grade five

High honors: Hunter Baker, Rhylie Bubier, Lauren Cornelio, Jordan Daigle, Elizabeth Diaz, Savannah Paul, Haillee Perkins, Bryan Riley, Mason Shink, Hanna St. Pierre, Isabella Whitney.

Honors: Allison Acritelli, Peter Bussiere, Dylan Corbin, Brandon Cutler, Kevin Farrington, Kayla Fitch, Jason Howes, Logan Howes, Hunter Jewell, Sydney Letalien, Skyler Lewis, Degan Libby, Casey McGlynn, Matthew Nichols, Mikenzie Parker, Jasmine St. Pierre, August Thornton, Tristan Welch.

Grade six

High honors: Nicholas Cerullo, Alana Cole, Trevor Doiron, Austin Gilboe, Nathanial Goodine, Rachel Pike, Noah Preble, Brooke Tracy, Morgan White.

Honors: Alexis Bessey, Christian Chappetta, Jose Diaz, Emma DiPompo, Mallory Doiron, Allyssa Ellis, Bryana Henault, Noah Hutchinson, Cameron Mitchell, Abigail Moreau, Bailey Morrell, Elijah Parker, Kylee Reeve, Shane Riley, Paul Shaw, Jason St. Pierre, Nathaniel Steele, Sadie Storer, Alexis Tibbetts.

Grade seven

High honors: Alexander Christie, Matthew Cornelio, Emily Hogan, Alexis Lloyd, Alexa Perkins.

Honors: Spencer Brennick, Jasmine Bussiere, Zoe Collins, Nicole Couture, Chantel Dorey, Dylan Drake, Shae-Lynn Fortier, Katelyn Gervais, Bradley Howes, Brian Jones, Kaylee Leclerc, Sebastian Lombardi, Camden Noll, Morgan Purington, Kyle Tozier, Caryn True, Candace Whitney.

Grade eight

High honors: Casey Boulay, Mitchell Caldwell, Gabriel Christie, Sarah Collins, Lexi Dorey, Katie Gordon, Abbie Hartford, Emilly LaFleur, Noah Parker, Deonte Ring, Tyler Ritter, Autumn St. Pierre, Tara Williams.

Honors: Vanese Barnes, Caitlyn Beliveau, Paige Butterfield, Shae Flagg, Emily Hartford, Nichole Hubbell, Autumn Keller, Jonathan Ladd, Ashley Morrell, Avery Noll, Karlee Noll, Brittany Paradis, Trent Robbins, Haley Sturtevant, Mason Therrien, Caitlyn Thompson, Destiny White, Lucas Wright, Anthony York.

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