BETHEL — The Telstar Regional Middle/High School second-quarter honor roll has been announced.

Grade six

High honors: Matthew Bennett, Kimberly Drew, Joshua Eliot, Kristi Hanscom, Marcus Wentworth.

Honors: Zoe Bean, Kaitlyn Brown, Emily Brownstein, Mallory Corriveau, Cyrena Cox, Luke Davis, Paige Dutterer, Avry Griffin, Schuyler Leff, Abby Marshall, Luke Mason, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kaitlyn Mitchell, Wynter Morin, James Newkirk, India Orino, Chasity Pike, Sierra Ryerson, Souix-Ann Tuttle.

Grade seven

High honors: Madeline Simard.

Honors: Rachel Barton, Jacob Bennett, Carla Boyle-Wight, Caleb Clarke, Lisa Gammon, Rebecca Howard, Mitchell Lehman, Willough Perry, Hayley Peterson, Cameron Rothwell, Ashley Savage, Andrew Siegel, Cassidy Smith, Brendon Stearns, Savannah Vermette, Brandon Zadakis.

Grade eight

High honors: Rachel Goldberg, Rose Goldberg, Aaron Speakman, Travis Wheeler.

Honors: Matthew Barton, Christopher Chappie, Anne Cushman, Aislinn Forbes, Skye Fournier, Maureen Glover, Tyra Howes, Jordan Kulig, Elizabeth Lyons, Katherine Merrill, Lakota Monzo, McCaela Prentice, Joseph Putnam, Michael Rodway, Shaynah Cherokeigh Seames, Gabrielle Stone, Rebecca-Lynn Tuttle, Anna Tyrina, Zachary Wheeler.

Grade nine

Honors: Alyssa Brands, Kathryn Coolidge, Samantha Corriveau, Samantha Mallory, Kayla Verrill.

Grade 10

Honors: Kevin Annis, Richard James, Kurt Mason, Rachel Wheeler.

Grade 11

High honors: Adam Mahar.

Honors: Emily Bellinger, Kallie Brown, Anthony Dirago, Britany Douglass, Naomi Ellsworth, Megan LaCroix, Jennifer Martin, Lyndsay Merrill, Hunter Verrill, Karen White, Daniel Whitney, Drew Wilson.

Grade 12

High honors: Victoria Forkus, Morgan Lee, Elek Pew, Jamie Steven.

Honors: Joshua Bellinger, Dylan Coolidge, Emma Davis, Cheyanne Day, Emily DeCarolis, Jean Lawrence, Ciara Nadeau, Timothy O’Connor, Andrew Sprague, Daniel Vaughan, Melissa Waterhouse.

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