PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A couple who runs a bottle redemption operation in Kittery are facing charges they stole more than $10,000 by redeeming no-deposit containers from New Hampshire and Massachusetts under Maine’s bottle redemption law.

Thomas and Megan Woodard, who operate Green Bee Redemption, were indicted Thursday by a York County grand jury. Thomas Woodard declined comment.

Meanwhile, Peter Prybot of Gloucester, Mass., was indicted on charges of stealing more than $1,000 by shuttling out-of-state containers to Maine distributors. Prybot tells the Portland Press Herald he’s not guilty.

Each container carries a 5-cent refund and processors get a handling fee of as much as 4-cents.

The indictments allege that the Woodards and Prybot deceived manufacturers, distributors and their collection agents by passing off out-of-state containers as if they had been purchased in Maine.

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