DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Bruce M. Whittier Middle School is holding its annual MidKnight Market showcase on March 26. We are looking for interested area businesses, vendors and crafters to display or sell their products. We have had tractors and campers on display outside as well as crafts and home sales products inside our gym.

Anyone who is interested, please call Michelle at 998-4013 for space information. Proceeds from this event benefit grades seven and eight. Thank you so much for your help! — Mary Wallace, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We are a small 4-H club from Buckfield called the Young Lucky Buckaroo Kids. The club will be raising chicks in April, and we are in need of a few small aquariums to raise them in. If anyone has something that will work and would like to donate or have any other chick supplies the club could use, they would be greatly appreciated. We can be reached at 336-3688. Thank you. — Marie Theriault, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am wondering if GPS map updates are sold by anyone locally for a Garmin GPS that needs an update. I have so far only found downloads online. I would prefer to get a memory card update if those are available. Thank you for your help. I enjoy your column and wouldn’t miss reading it everyday. — E. G., Buckfield

ANSWER: You didn’t specify what kind or model number of GPS you have, so Sun Spots is somewhat hampered in her ability to assist, but an online search showed both a DVD and a card update available for some models at Best Buy as well as at You might also check Radio Shack.

Sun Spots isn’t sure why you are reluctant to download your GPS update, but it really is quite safe. You are probably at more risk of breaking your GPS by trying to manually change the memory card than you are from any online threat. It should also be less expensive.

If you are concerned about using your credit card online or don’t have one, you could buy a credit card gift card and use that. You can buy a Visa gift card online at or at many local retailers, including groceries, drug stores, office supply stores, banks and even some gas stations.

Problems are unlikely, however. Sun Spots has done all her banking and shopping online for more than a decade and has never had any problem with fraud. As long as you are buying from reputable mainstream retailers, you should be as safe as you are using your credit card in any local store.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I always enjoy your column! I have two questions for your readers. I’ve been asked to make a quilt out of old bathing suits (very stretched out) for a grandchild who is on a swim team. Would anyone know how to do this? I’ve asked everyone I know, also Jo-Ann Fabrics.

We had a small tree blow into the water this summer. Now that the ice on Thompson Lake makes getting to it possible, would anyone like to make a little money to cut it up and throw it on shore? We have a wood stove.

Thank you. — No Name, Casco, 998-2804

ANSWER: Sun Spots’ mother has made several quilts for her out of old T-shirts, which aren’t quite as stretchy as bathing suits but still tricky. She first sewed the T-shirts onto other pieces of cloth or put a border on them to keep them square. Experienced seamstresses will undoubtedly have other suggestions.

As for having your tree cut up, please be aware that if you hire someone to perform this task and they hurt themselves on your property, you could be liable. A licensed logging professional carries insurance that protects you should they be hurt or your property damaged. Some handymen also carry liability insurance that will protect you against claims. You might want to check your homeowner insurance policy before proceeding.

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