AUBURN — New Auburn drivers should be noticing some new turn signals and smoother traffic this week.

Crews installed new traffic signals at the Mill and Broad street intersection this week, one of three traffic light replacement projects planned for the year. Combined, the new traffic lights — including new signals along Minot Avenue and on the Union Street bypass — cost $380,000.

Auburn City Electrician Charlie DeAngelis said the old Mill and Broad street signal was timed, meaning that cars were frequently stopped, even if there was no other traffic.

“The new signals have video loop detection,” DeAngelis said. “The end result should be smoother. If there is no other traffic there, the light should just change.”

The signal also includes left turn arrows, making the intersection less ambiguous.

“Before, when the light changed for cars coming up Mill Street, they just had a big green ball,” he said. “Oncoming traffic still had a red light, but they had no way of knowing that unless they lived in New Auburn. But now, they’ll have an arrow instead of the big green ball.”

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