Nicola Wells (letter, Feb. 5) is not representative of the young voters I see attending state and national events affirming life and opposing abortion.

Children are naturally pro-life and will grow to young adults appreciating the truth about the gift of life at all stages and the destruction of abortion.

The Supreme Court will no doubt review Roe v. Wade. The shaky base for that decision, claiming the Constitution contains a right to privacy making it legal for a mother to end the unique life of her child through abortion, cannot stand.

Ask voters if they find informed consent, a 24 hour waiting period, parental notification for minors seeking abortion, information on the stage of development of the child through ultrasound, and information on adoption and pregnancy support resources and you will find a majority of Americans supportive of reasonable laws protecting vulnerable women at a difficult time. I hope the Maine legislators would give such bills a good hearing and discover support among voters of all ages.

Elective abortion is the induced termination of pregnancy prematurely. Pregnancy is a normal result of male-female intercourse realized in the female reproductive system. It is not pathological. Abortion is not a treatment for any illness. Abortion is not health care for mother or baby. Planned Parenthood educates vulnerable women to exercise their “right” to terminate the life of an unborn child, with millions of taxpayers’ dollars.

Women and unborn children deserve better.

Margaret Yates, Wilton

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